Functionally Fit Funsters

Experience a whole new way to get your activity levels up and get moving with Functionally Fit Funsters.

How This Works


Join our Functional Fitness and Wellness sessions now! By signing up, you'll receive the suggested activities of the day every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for six weeks straight. Each day comes with clear instructions for you to follow. Once you've completed the day, simply mark it as done. Plus, here's the exciting part: everyone who completes their session gets automatically entered to win a free session! Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your fitness and wellness while also getting a chance to win a complimentary session. Sign up now and let's embark on this journey together!


Functional Fitness Made Fun

Revamp your daily movements with functional fitness! Say goodbye to the clatter when getting off the couch, boost your confidence in effortlessly carrying laundry up and down stairs, glide through tasks like vacuuming and keep up with the energetic pursuits of chasing kids, grandchildren, or significant others around the house. Functional fitness isn't just about exercise; it's about enhancing the way you move in your everyday life, making everything from routine chores to joyful activities feel smoother and more natural.


More than a Workout

Stretches, exercises, mindfulness breaks, and so much more are waiting for you on Functionally Fit Funsters. We take a holistic approach to becoming more functionally fit and well rounded.


Win a free Session!

Everyone who completes their session gets automatically entered to win a free session!


Fast, Fun, and Easy

Designed to get people moving, Functionally Fit Funsters' activities are for anyone and can be done anywhere. Whether it's on your lunch break, between meetings, or after dinner, you can do our courses without specialized equipment or a large space.

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